A company specialized in drawing your ideas through our codes

Anqa Code​

Is one of the world’s leading companies that provide information technology solutions in various fields according to the standard and advanced standards recommended globally.

We have departments specialized in designing and programming websites and systems, in addition to hosting websites and applications, information technology consulting, corporate solutions, network solutions and other distinguished services, which in turn tame and harness technology for business owners from individual activities to large companies at the local or international level .

Who we are

Anqa Code was established in 2020 and it is a company licensed in Turkey

The experience of those in charge of the company extends for more than 16 years

Our services

Web Design

Flexibility and display with all screen sizes for laptops, tablets and phones, speed in browsing. The most important characteristic of the web design service provided by the AnqaCode Company, our sites are subject to continuous development and are characterized by standards that guarantee protection from intrusion

Web hosting

Distinguished hosting with huge capabilities, high stability in performance through fast servers and strong protection systems that help your site to rise in the search results in Google more strongly and in record time.

Mobile applications

Programming applications for Android and IOS operating systems according to the latest modern programming languages, clean codes and fast applications responsive to all screens, as well as the service of converting your sites into applications for phones in record time


E-marketing plans suitable for everyone, funded advertising campaigns on all social media platforms and search engines, in addition to content management services and preparing sites for search engines through SEO campaigns.

Content management

We provide you with exclusive content for your site according to the rules of SEO. We also fill in the content that matches the design of your website and provide the service of downloading products for your online store in record time.

Solving problems

Solve all problems related to servers, systems, hosting, domains, websites and stores in record time